Polkadot To Use Chainlink Oracles For Interoperability Network

Web3 Foundation & Chainlink Announce Collaboration

Polkadot Will Be The First Non-Ethereum Blockchain To Integrate Chainlink

Who Are Chainlink?

Give Your Smart Contract Provably Secure Access To Data Feeds, APIs & Payments

Connecting Your Smart Contracts To The Inputs & Outputs It Needs

Smart Contracts Require Secure Middleware To Connect Them To Real World Data. This External Data Will Trigger The Contract Creating The Need For Its High Reliability

The Problem

The Solution

The Chainlink Network Provides Tamper-Resistant & Sustainable Price Feeds Furthering The Growth Of DeFi

Give Your Users Extensive Guarantees About The Reliability & Quality Of Your Smart Contracts

Highly Decentralized & Secure Infrastructure

High-Quality Data Sources That Avoid Manipulation

Prove Your Smart Contracts End-To-End Security To Users

Extensive Monitoring Of Your Oracles

Build DeFi Products Across A Multitude Of Use Cases

End-To-End Decentralization Of Reference Price Data

Data Providers

Node Operators

Monetize Your Data Feeds & Existing APIs By Selling Them Directly To Smart Contracts

Setup Is Quick & Easy For Individual Developers & Enterprises

An Industry Leading Team Of Domain Experts




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