KILT: Self-Sovereign Identity for a Web3 World

What Is KILT?

The Current State Of KILT Protocol (Test Net) Already Includes The Following Functionalities In Its Basic, Preliminary Form:

In the future KILT Protocol would also envision the following:

KILT Blockchain

The blockchain does three things:

1, First the Trusted Entity saves a hash of any credential it issues on chain and is able to later revoke it.

A checksum (hash value) of the signed document is stored on the KILT Blockchain. —

2, The second utility of the KILT Blockchain is that delegation trees are stored here.

3, The third important utility of the blockchain is storing Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).

How KILT Powers Self-Sovereign Data & Identity




Decentralized Identity, Building Blocks For A Better Web

Why Did KILT Choose Polkadot?

What role will KILT play in the Polkadot Ecosystem?

How does KILT build on substrate and were there any difficulties in doing so?

Polimec, Polkadot liquidity mechanism, a fundraising mechanism for the Polkadot ecosystem

How do Polimec and KILT hang together?

KILT Protocol has deployed one of the first parachains on Rococo V1 as part of the Polkadot ecosystem

How does Polimec work?

It has no other functions than:

1, Creating a new currency and its supply inside the Issuer’s Polimec balance (Issue a currency).

2, Transferring tokens of the currency to other balances on Polimec (Transfer).

3, Migrating all balances to a Main Net when it is ready (Migrate).

Why use Polimec instead of ERC20?

What benefit can Polimec bring to the Polkadot Ecosystem?

Polimec also supports issuers through valuable features for initial coin offerings:

1, By monitoring the Polkadot Relay Chain, Polimec can associate DOT Transfers on the Polkadot network with Currency sales on Polimec and thus automatically distribute new currency to buyers.

2, Currency issuers on Polimec can certify successful KYC/AML to their initial buyers on the KILT Blockchain. Polimec checks the validity of these credentials during initial distribution on the KILT Blockchain, using Polkadot Parachain communication mechanisms.

3, An off-chain application will be provided, which allows the design of highly complex coin offering and distribution schemes.

Polimec Paper

KILT’s Token Economy & Staking Mechanism

Overview Of The KILT Token Functions

The KILT token could be used for providing safety of the KILT Blockchain and having access to write to the secure block space for trusted data. Utility of the KILT coin can be broken down to the following possible use cases:

KILT token emission:


Organizations & Individuals

What Is The Current Status Of KILT’s Development? When Will The Main Net Be Officially Launched? What Is The Future Roadmap?

How Do You Understand The Web3 Vision & What Role Does The KILT Project Play In Web3?

How Can The KILT Project Guarantee The Privacy Of Personal Data & What Is Special About It?

What Core Competitiveness Does KILT Have?

Will KILT Cross-Chain In The Future?

KILT Protocol | Essential Credentials for Web 3.0 | Trust Enabler | Universal Blockchain Protocol





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