Gryphon Digital Mining Becomes One Of The 1st Signatories Of The Crypto Climate Accord


  • Renewable bitcoin mining firm Gryphon Digital Mining has reinforced its ESG commitments to producing cryptocurrencies sustainably by signing onto the Crypto Climate Accord.
  • “We are proud to be one of the first signatories of the Crypto Climate Accord, and will work to help other companies in our burgeoning industry join us. This accord presents unique opportunities for collaboration toward a sustainable future, and we look forward to working alongside our industry colleagues to achieve a sustainable blockchain by 2040,” said Gryphon CEO Rob Chang.
  • As experts in the cryptocurrency space, the founding team saw the potential for digital mining and environmental leadership to coexist with one another, and established Gryphon Digital Mining to help bring it to reality.
  • Gryphon’s long-term strategy is to be the first vertically integrated crypto miner with a wholly-owned 100% renewable energy supply.
  • Through this, it is working to adhere to the best practice Corporate Governance Principles with the ultimate objective of being listed on senior exchange markets.
  • The team was founded by President Dan Tolhurst, formerly a senior strategist for Disney & Netflix and is now helmed by CEO & Director Rob Chang who prior was an MD at Cantor Fitzgerald and CFO of Riot Blockchain.
  • They are assisted by Brittany Kaiser, a globally-renowned expert in digital assets and blockchain technology who sits as Chairperson of the board.

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